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re: Accessories

I don't really mind the radio staying on, but since the lighter (sorry... 12v 
power supply) stays on as well, it's just another step when getting out of the 
car.  I've left my detector on overnight more than once.

I miss one of the better attributes of older US cars:  the "Accessory" key 
position which allowed you to listen to the radio and smoke cigarettes (back 
when it was healthy!) with the car off and nothing else powered up.  In "off" 
everything was off.

One of my favorite features of my (now deceased) '87 Allante was it's "saved 
power" feature.  Turn the car off and remove the key, but power to the 
headlights, interior lights, computer, seats, radio, windows, etc. remained on 
for 10 minutes or until you opened the door to get out.  If you were sitting in 
the car for long periods of time, simply taking the switch to "on" and then 
back "off" reset the timer.

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI