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Re: Fauxes Pas

Sheeesh!! One nasty comment about the Macs lack of market share and it's

Marc NT 4.0  :)

Chris Woodward wrote:
> Marc Gelefsky wrote:
> > > And why does "Mac's" get an apostrophe, while "Audis" get nothing?
> > > If you are saying for a minute that Macs own the computer world, and
> > > Audis own nothing, you will deal with a vengeful wrath!
> I think it was because he was using the word "Mac" as a posessive noun, i.e.
> "...the Mac's market share..." is the same as saying "...the market share of
> the Mac...."  On the other hand, Audi was merely being used in plural form.
> "...people buy Audis."