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 I was glad to see your posts to the list about the V8's.  I had been
 such negative reports for so long that I had decided not to consider
 one.  Of course, the service writer at the Audi dealer didn't help when
 wrinkled her nose and mentioned how expensive they are to keep up!  But
 I'm open to the possibility.

 In any event, I've owned 3 Audi's since 1979 and have enjoyed them all.
 like their styling and feel I get a lot of luxury for very little money
 compared to other more popular cars.  I'm somewhat thankful for the
 press and the resultant lower resale values.

   "I've owned a lot of Fords since 1949  and I don't care what they say
about this Edsel, I'm going to buy it!"
   Or," I've owned lots of Chevys and enjoyed them. I'm going to get a
Corvair to drive in the rain".
   Or, "look, a Sterling is basically an Acura Legend. How bad could
it be?" 
   Look, the service writer and her dealership stand to GAIN by your
getting a V8. They will make a bundle off of you. She's just being decent.
   The value just isn't there. The 200TQ and the S4/S6 are faster and 
handle better. The V8 styling is nice, but Phil Hartman's wife was pretty
   A local dealer is willing to trade me the a Porsche 928 for the V8. He
the maintenance cost is about the same!
   This car is a money pit and other Audis perform better. That's why the
resale value is low and dealers are steering people away from them. 
   Proceed at your own risk, but know what you're getting into.  
You'll really have to love the car because it will take forever to sell it
if you choose to.