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Re: 80 Brakes

Goto Murray's or Pep Boys or whatever your local Auto Parts store is and
find the Lisle tool section.

You want to get this funny cube shaped thing with tabs all over the faces.
It slips on the ratchet and you just ratchet the piston back into the
caliper.  The fronts are usually 'normal' (read: c-clamp)...

>Any tips on getting this %#@! caliper compressed on the 1990 80 with
>Girling calipers?   Does the piston screw in?  Or do you just press it
i>n with a c-clamp (which doesn't seem to work like the ATEs did on my
>WMB)?  I'm working on the rear right now because the pads are 55k mile
>old.  -- The fronts have been replaced at some time and seem to be o.k.

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