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Re: [Fwd: Sanity check]

I was thinking of doing the same thing until I was driving cross-country.
I was going through Kebab national Forest and after almost hitting the
second or third deer, I came upon a novel solution.  I activated the car
alarm and didn't see another animal for the rest of the night.  So, the
moral of the story: install an interior siren switch for those occasions....

>> > Personally, if I was worried enough to install an alarm.. I would install
>> > one with two, or three sirens _INSIDE_ the car. Maybe one under the
>> > passenger seat; one under the dash; one under the rear deck 'aimed' into
>> > the passenger compartment. I don't believe any theif would enjoy
trying to
>> > lift my radio or anything with 150+ dB of noise banging on their

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