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oil pan baffle

n response to a recent post by Chris Miller.  

     The S4 comes with the baffle that you describe, it will "wipe" the
crank and keep oil in the pan on the Right side only.  If you track the car
you would be advised to fabricate a baffle to keep the Mobile 1 in the pan
for most road courses (around here) run clockwise and have lots of right
hand corners.

     I have modified my pan and at the same time increased the sump by app.
1qt.  In addition the pick up area is modified to keep the oil there when
the 380 ponies kick in or if the big binders are working hard.

     I have give credit to Alex N. and Ned for helping me through this
project.  Ned helped me with the parts and design.  I think that he may
even sell a modified pan so call him if interested.

     Keep in mind (IMHO) these modifications are only needed if you track
your car  and the S2 or S4 "baffle" does nothing to keep the oil off the
left side of the block or at the pick up during transitions.

Jeff  200TQ avant, Dragon Wagon