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Re: Sept. trip to Europe!

EICHSTEV@aol.com writes:

>Subject: Sept. trip to Europe!
>After nine years of saying, "I have to get back to Germany someday," my wife
>and I have planned a two week trip to Europe starting Sept. 11.  We will be
>spending two days in London, hopefully meeting up with some friends there,
>then on to Munich and other spots in Bavaria as well as trips into
>and Austria.  I have even been given the official OK to tour the Audi factory
>in Ingolstadt and maybe sneak in a trip to MTM as well as it is just down the

If you get to Geneva, reserve a couple/three hours for the Geneva Auto
Museum. It's literally a short walk from the airport, and definitely worth
the time. Some 200 unbelievable cars, including a Talbot Lagot, the new
Jaguar supercar, lots of Italian finery, old race cars, and so on. I don't
recall much in the way of Audis there :( but it was fun anyway! Only two
Volvos (I'm a long time fanatic), one an exact match of my very first car,
a '66 P1800S, same red color, and a PV1900, a *very* rare Volvo convertible
sports car, 60 or so of which were built in the mid-50s.

Highly recommended!

Also, for your overnight in London, I'd recommend a small quaint hotel in
Covent Garden, the Fielding Hotel at 0171 836 8305. It's a direct shot on
the tube from Heathrow (takes an hour) and unless you're there on Sunday,
you can pick up theater tickets and have fun. Not too far from Picadilly
Circus and other attractions...

Theater tickets are 15-30 pounds, and the hotel is around 100 pounds. Also,
btw, I use a currency conversion service based in DC that charges your
credit card and ships you whatever currency you want. Very convenient.
Capital Foreign Exchange at 888 842-0880.

Have fun!