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Re: SUV's

Gee Phil, remind me next time to gain your full approval upon my next
purchase of *any* vehicle.  That way I can know that I'm an O.K. guy with
the Philster.  Seem to remember your statement to good ole Jouko about his
use of 17" BBS wheels on his new UrQ going something like this, "If you use
those wheels on your car, I won't help you any more".  In both cases all I
can say is that when you start paying for MY or ANYONEelse's auto's then
perhaps you will have the right to dictate what/how we drive.  If not,
please keep your "opinions/preaching" on your side of the pond and off the

89 200tqw
(four-door UrQ)

> From: Phil Payne <quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk>
> And several people here in the village.  I didn't realise, when I made
> my classic comment in our local pub about increasing SUV usage improving
> the standard of ovloV driving ("the real dickheads have abandoned ovloVs
> for SUVs") that at least two of the audience had such vehicles on
> order.
> They've now been delivered, and silence reigns on the topic.  Both, IMO,
> fall precisely into the "I'm OK in this, stuff you" group.
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