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My mechanic (rave)

Well, two weeks ago I was quoted $1296.00 to replace two control arms and
both tie rods on my wife's 200t at Bernardi Audi in Natick MA.. I said no
thanks and took it to my mechanic. He finished in 2.5 hours and the total
was less than half! I just wanted to publicly thank Brian Mushnick, of
Brian's Garage in Needham MA (781-444-3300). It is so rare that we can find
a good, fast and honest VW/Audi mechanic. I have used him for years for my
GTIs and now he is taking care of my Audis. I just felt with all the horror
stories we get about dealer and repair shops that a great mechanic story
was due. BTW, earlier he also installed a wastegate diaphragm (couldn't
loosen the top shaft nut myself) and front motor mount in the same car in 1
hour. Next he is going to build my project Golf hee hee....

...no I did not get paid to say this, just REAL happy to have someone like
him around.

Matthew Twigg
1989 200t (wife's)
1981 Rabbit S with 150 hp. woo hoooo