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Re: A3 spotted...

Bob <mx@snet.net> wrote:
> Funny you mention this. I was in Phoenix a few weeks ago and saw no less
> than 4 of them. Each one seemed to have a late model beetle either in
> front of it or behind it. I saw Blue, Green, Light Green and black A3's. 

I saw one in Mesa (Phoenix area) as well, dealer plates.

>  The local dealer said they were doing hot weather testing. Last week
> when I was in Germany there were obviously millions of them and they
> appeared to be  the same. I wonder if they are bringing them to the US?
> If so I hope they are unchanged from the model found in germany. Bob

They will always find a way to make it slower, less powerful, and with 
weaker headlights...

Well, maybe not headlights, I don't have a recent model...