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Boneheads drive all kinds of cars

Yesterday driving home from work, I'm behind this nice
grey mid-late '80s CGT, with a red "Audi Sport" sticker
on the back, and lots of nice detailing done. A well
maintained, loved car.

Just as I'm wondering if it's owned by a list member, his
bonehead gland starts oozing.

At a 2-way merge to get on to a crowded bridge, he uses
his quattro advantage to drive through the dirt shoulder
so he can get 3 cars further up in line instead of merging
in. Almost ran over someone doing it.  Met him again at the
next light, 3/4 of a mile up the road. Waved as I went by
in the other lane.

So, they're not all in SUVs, Caddies, or Pick-em-ups.


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