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Re: synth vs. the environment (Audi content only insofar as it relates to Audi oil changes!)

> Global warming has to be the most over-hyped environmental disaster that
> isn't happening.  Ever.  Oh, I forgot the ozone "hole".  Of course, the
> bloody ozone layer thins over Antarctica in the winter.  It's dark and
> there's no UV to make ozone.

Have you seen the maps of the increase over the last 20 years?

> ozone is a greenhouse gas so maybe it's a good thing we're killing it off?

No it isn't.

> >Remember, we have less and less oil in reserves every day.
> Gee, I though that proven reserves were actually rising.

What we know is there may be... I find it hard to imagine that the
*actual* amount could be rising.

> quote an excerpt:  "The statistical history of energy supplies, is a rise
> in plenty rather than in scarcity... Through the centuries, the prices of
> energy—coal, oil, and electricity—have been decreasing rather than
> increasing, relative to the cost of labor and even relative to the price of
> consumer goods, just as with all other natural resources... there is
> nothing meaningfully 'finite' about our world that inevitably will cause
> energy, or even oil in particular, to grow more scarce and costly."

I will go read this book to do fairness to this almost totally off topic
debate.  His statement above, however, seems more to reflect the
economic factors involved in energy resource mining and utilisation than
the physical reality of what is there underground.  Forgive me, but I
just don't understand how the planets accumulated hydrocarbon energy
supply could be anything but finite.  Remember, it's just a few (100)
million years of sunlight that was stored long ago by plants.

Huw Powell


"This is the place where death rejoices to teach those who live."

Usually it is written in Latin.