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Re: I bet I will be flamed for this (no audi content)

>Now I really hate to waste the band width on this... but the idea that ALL
>people who drive a specific type of vehicle are jerks, ignorant, #@$&, etc.
>isn't fair... or more importantly relevant for this list... we all have
>stories about drivers of other cars (my favorite is aturnS drivers) but that
>is neither here nor there as to our love of Audi's... now all of us need to
>rant from time to time, and I guess it is better to do it here in a friendly
>environment... but to go on for weeks on end slagging others seems to be a
>waste of this fantastic list....
>just my two cents worth

Amen, besides, I bet there is some Lodge driver that is saying *$(# I want
kill that Audi driver.....  So sorry you could not buy a better car, but I
have nothing against you.  After all, my power to choose must just be a
little better then the Lodge drivers.