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Re: synth vs. the environment (Audi content only insofar as it relates to Audi oil changes!)

>> >Remember, we have less and less oil in reserves every day.
>> Gee, I though that proven reserves were actually rising.
>What we know is there may be... I find it hard to imagine that the
>*actual* amount could be rising.

The amount is finite. The total amount didn't change 50 years ago, and
ain't gonno change today. The problem is that the petro deposite is not
just one place, but various different places. Some places easy to get to,
others aren't; some deposits are huge lump sums, others are stratified/
segmented, etc. I think, to this date, we have tapped the bigs ones. As
such, only those bits & pieces are left. But if you add those up, you
still get good amount of reserves.

Previously, these bits & pieces are either doesn't make sense financially
to dig them up, or it was simply beyond the yester-year technology to get
to them. But still, the petro will definitely run out (in terms of
mass-usage like we do today) within most of fellow listers' life time
(say, 30-40 years...?).

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