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Re: Accessories

Yikes!  I was hoping this would be easier, along the lines of plugging in a
toaster oven.  Aren't I a dreamer?  I think I like Michael's idea the best,
just pop the faceplate out.  Its actually what I have been doing for
awhile, since I left the faceplate in once, and drained the battery.
Whoops.  (I convinced Sears that it was a bad battery. :)  Maybe sometime,
when I'm feeling more adventurous I'll give it a shot.  The idea of trying
to run that wire to the fusebox doesn't sound like much fun.  It took two
hours for my father and I to run the CD changer cable from the trunk to the
front of the car.  It was tricky to get it under the carpet.  Anyway, I'm
rambling.  Thanks to everyone for their input, its great to have such a
valuble resource.  I will be saving all of the messages about the radio
wiring ( the serious ones anyway, although some of them were rather
humorous) for future reference.


At 03:17 AM 8/11/98 -0400, Huw Powell wrote:
>> > Also I recently installed a new blaupunkt radio and Cd changer on my 84
>> >5ks.  Is there a way to make the radio go off when the ignition is turned
>> >off?  The crutchfield rep I talked to said to run a wire to the fuse box
>> >and hook it to something that shuts off when the ignition goes off.
>> >great, but how?
>How to do which part?  To find the appropriate fuse, just use a test
>light or meter to find the fuses that are "on" with ignition, "off"
>without it.  (Preferably ones that aren't on in the start positon)  Then
>check what the fuse runs - might not want to use one that is already
>heavily loaded.  Trouble here is that tapping into the fuse with a wire
>is a PITA.
>More fun to find a wire/connector that meets the above criteria, like
>the power wire to the cig lighter for example, which is even in a
>convenient place, and tap into that.  You should install the smallest
>possible in-line fuse right at the beginning of your new wire and try to
>work neatly...
>This will probably involve removing or at least pulling up a few inches
>on your center console.
>I used to like to have a friend "helping" while doing this sort of thing
>- just to say "watch out!" before I blew things up.  Now that my
>multiple personalites (who said I had one to start with?) are fully
>developed, I can do this alone, beside myself with pride in the
>Huw Powell
>"This is the place where death rejoices to teach those who live."
>Usually it is written in Latin.