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Re: Fauxes Pas

Have you seen the new Apple ad campaign that boasts "Think Different," and
has a picture of some divergent thinker or figure?

Given that "Different," in this case is intended to be used as an adverb it
clearly calls for the -ly ending usually required for adverbs. Hence, the
correct form would be "Think Differently."

Form following function? I think not. Slacker ad agency? Surely.

I have noticed that people fail to use adverbs correctly these days. Most
often it is the comparative form of the adjective that is used instead.

Could you speak louder? or Could you speak more loudly? You make the call.

Anyway, I write this from the plane heading to the SF Bay Area and the
Monterey Historics. I'll send some real time posts if any historically
significant Audis are spotted.