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RE: Prop Shaft CV Joints

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	From:	Mark Pollan [SMTP:Mark.POLLAN@mci.com]
	Sent:	Wednesday, August 12, 1998 2:30 PM
	To:	quattro
	Subject:	Prop Shaft CV Joints

	Hi All:

	Looking through the Parts Connection's online catalog I noticed that
	they carry the CVJs for the prop shaft for 86-88 5000 TQs.

	If I recall a few of you were looking for these.  I didn't find a
	for the carrier bearing though.  If I do I'll pass it on.

	The url for the Part Connection is http://www.thepartsconnection.com

	No affiliation...

	Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 262K Miles