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In message  <35D23809.259C@sound.net> rwidmer@sound.net writes:

> This beastie has been around in various forms since the 1970's, but
> until recently was IBM Internal Use only.  More recently the current
> version has been offered for license to members of the Partners In
> Development program, but not (to the best of my knowledge) to other IBM
> customers.

Way back when, dear old EPL (European Program Library, Paris) screwed
up Bob Blakeman's order for optional materials and sent him a complete
PL/S package.

It is said that his insistence on receiving the _correct_ materials
before he would return the incorrect resulted in the fastest single
order processed through EPL - _ever_!

Phil Payne
    data trader: High-performance cross platform data access and
                 job initiation. MVS, AS/400, Windows, OS/2, UNIX