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Re: UFO brake conversion BTDT?

I wanted to investigate this conversion option becase I was advised that
this was the best way to convert to 'normal' brakes without replacing the
struts & suspenstion, etc, as well. What you say may very well be 100%
correct and this is exactly why I asked for advice!

So, your suggestion is to use the stock 5000/200TQ 276mm, 5x112rotors and

Do you know for fact that this combination will bolt-up to the 91 200TQ
struts with use of the 93-95 90Q carriers?



EFergu6410@aol.com on 08/12/98 05:52:44 PM

To:   Glen Powell/US/3Com
Subject:  Re: UFO brake conversion BTDT?

Why do you want 256mm rotors from the 90q20v whe the CQ 20v has the G60
calipers and 276mm rotors?  Also, they'd be set up for 4x108 pattern, not
necessary 5x112 pattern.  The 5ktq uses the correct rotors (276, 5x112
-Eric Ferguson
'90 CQ 20v (G60's, stock)
'87 5ksq (G60's, stock)