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RE: Recent V6 timing belt questions

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	Sent:	Wednesday, August 12, 1998 3:26 PM
	To:	Chris Newbold
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	Subject:	Re: Recent V6 timing belt questions

	Does this FAQ specifically relate to the 1993 Audi 100CS (12v)?

	Chris Newbold wrote:

	> Sonar465@aol.com wrote:
	> > My brothers 93 100S just turned 60K miles and I was
wonderingwhen it is time
	> > to replace the timing belt.  I know that in the I5 engine 60K is
the magic
	> > milage to think about replacment.  Does the same hold true with
the V6?
	> Say hello to the unfortunate Mr. Walker...
	> Johnson.Walker wrote:
	> > list 2 weeks ago. It was running in "limp" mode and shows 64,000
miles on
	> > with the report that the internal timing belt is broken, as
well, and there
	> > could be major internal problems. This is my first experience
with an Audi,
	> --------------
	> It seems that in recent weeks there has been a 1-to-1
	> on the list between people asking about V6 timing belt replacement
	> and people reporting broken belts, bent valves and seized water
	> I think we're going to need a FAQ:
	>         Q: My V6 Audi is near/at/over 60k miles, what should I do?
	>         A: Run, don't walk, (and if your over 60k, don't rev it up
	>            too high!) to your mechanic and have the following
	>           o timing belt
	>           o timing belt tension rollers (2)
	>           o water pump
	>           o thermostat (optional, but worth it to avoid labor of
	>                         replacing later)
	>           Total cost: $400-$600 depending on where you get parts
	>           and who does the work. Compare and contrast with
	>           to rebuild your motor if the belt goes...
	>           Of course, there are a slew of other maintainence items
	>           at 60k, but they won't wreck the motor if neglected...
	> -Chris
	> 1993 90CS 67k miles (with new belts, pumps, rollers, etc. etc.!)