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RE: *Stebro Exhaust Info. URQ/4KQ

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	Subject:	*Stebro Exhaust Info. URQ/4KQ
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	All URQ/4KQ looking for exhaust systems take notice.
	I ordered and install a stebro system on a URQ the other day fit and
	was great, with one exception had to adjust one muffler hanger on
the rear
	muffler. The system fits and tucks under the car better than stock.
	steel with all the hanger dounuts and exhaust seal rings included.
The rear
	muffler pipe comes over rear axl and striaght into muffler, rather
than doing
	the two turns the factory system does. It is alittel quieter than I
like, But 
	all the performance is their.2.5 pipes w/twin tips. All at around
	 In futher talks with stebro they said the can make a stright pipe
	just like above with OUT any mufflers cat back to twin 2.5 polished
	This system can be made for 4KQ with the tips placement futher over
	same 2.5 stainless. They said to see if I can get an qty. order
together and
	they will make them. All for less than $400.00.  So if you are
	call or E mail me ASAP. P.S. they will just make center or rear
section too.
	Thanks   Rick 972 641-4778 hm