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RE: Installing air condition in '89 100

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	On Wed, 12 Aug 1998 13:39:07 -0500, you wrote:

	>Oh No!
	>Installing a simple hang on unit is bad enough but stripping an A/C
car and
	>installing all that stuff in a non A/C car is a nightmare. I don't
	>about the 89 100 but some of the things might include.
	>Different pulleys, accessory mounts and belt routing on the engine.
	>Different radiator, shrouds, fan etc. on the front end.
	>Some cars have different firewall piercings for heater and A/C
	>Vacuum system modifications.
	>Engine idle modifications.

	Ok.. That was too much! :)

	>On and on.
	>This will probably annoy some of my aftermarket friends but I once
ran an
	>engineering dept. that designed kits as well as OEM systems.The OEM
	>applications require two to three years of design verification and
	>validation testing. For aftermarket, we would have a couple of
weeks to
	>bring a car in, throw components at it until some of them stuck.
Throw the
	>parts in a box with some Zeroxed instructions and hope for the
	>My advice - use a 460 A/C system. Roll down the four windows and
drive 60
	>mph until you buy a new car with factory air.

	I'll stick with that "A/C", I think.. :)
	I just thought of the possibility of installing orginal A/C, a
	of mine did it on his Toyota Camry, it took him 6 hours, not
	difficult. But I'm sure that the Audis are waaaay more complex!