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Environmental Oils

I think they are trying to market this stuff again.

I was listening the Wisconsin public radio a few weeks ago and they were
talking about how someone or some company in the state is making some
soybean/corn (not real sure on exactly what's in it?) oil that is
biodegradable.  They apparently are claiming that they have perfected
this oil and that it works just as good as any conventional motor oil.

I have no idea of the cost, but the state of Wisconsin has decicded to
run this motor oil in 30 of thier state vehicles as a test.  If they are
happy with the results, then they will switch more vehicles over.

I am curious to find out how it does.  I would be very skeptical about
using it in my beloved quattro though.  These environmental oils might
work fine in normal cars in normal conditions, but I wonder how they'd
hold up at the extremes us quattro owners put our cars?  

'90 200tq (running Castrol Syntec...not caster oil)