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RE: URGENT:88 MC Turbocharger info needed

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	Sent:	Wednesday, August 12, 1998 6:06 PM
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	Subject:	URGENT:88 MC Turbocharger info needed

	I looked at the 88 5kcst.  It looks very good except for one thing.
	boost gauge won't go above 0.9 bar but it seems to show reasonable
	values when I let off the throttle etc.  My thoughts were:

	wastegate stuck open
	turbocharger seized

	or both.

	Am I right or is everything okay?  It didn't seem too zippy so I
	it was getting any boost.

	How much is it going to cost me for a rebuilt or good used
	Can I put on a non water cooled turbocharger in it's place

	Thank you all for your input so far and thanks in advance for
feedback on

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