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RE: *Stebro Exhaust Info. URQ/4KQ

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What's going on with the email?
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>  Subject:	*Stebro Exhaust Info. URQ/4KQ
>  Importance:	High
>  All URQ/4KQ looking for exhaust systems take notice.
>   In futher talks with stebro they said the can make a stright pipe
>  system  just like above with OUT any mufflers cat back to twin 2.5 polished
> tips.  This system can be made for 4KQ with the tips placement futher over but
>  same 2.5 stainless. They said to see if I can get an qty. order together and
>  they will make them. All for less than $400.00.  So if you are intrested
>  call or E mail me ASAP. P.S. they will just make center or rear
> section too.
>  Thanks   Rick 972 641-4778 hm    

How many people constitute a quantity order?  
They told me: 10 systems=10%, 20 systems= 20%