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RE: 4kq diff stuff

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	From:	Buchholz, Steven [SMTP:Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com]
	Sent:	Wednesday, August 12, 1998 7:11 PM
	To:	dcoleman
	Subject:	RE: 4kq diff stuff

	> >Although I doubt a rear from a syncro will do (depends on the
	> >you'll probably have better luck locating a rear from a 4kq or
5kq if
	> >the one near you isn't the same...
	> >
	> 	It's also of maximum importance to make sure that the axle
ratio of
	> a
	> replacement rear diff. is the same as the front diff. or rumour
has it you
	> won't get very far very fast. I think I remember someone goofin'
this up a
	> few
	> years ago...or was it different size wheels and tires...either way
	> doesn't
	> work.
	... I bought a '87 5kCSQ where the tranny had been swapped from a
	... I did not know it at the time, and I _assume_ the previous owner
did not
	either.  As long as you don't lock the center diff it would work
just fine,
	and my seat of the pants evaluation is that it made the car a bit
more tail
	happy than a stock car.  Some time when I have the time and
inclination I
	might just go back and research this point further.

	Steve Buchholz
	San Jose, CA (USA)

	With trannies and diffs stacking up in the garage ... :)