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Re: Audis get totalled with minor damages?

On Thu, 13 Aug 1998 16:56:02 -0500, you wrote:

>The junk yard from which I get most of my used parts has Japanese cars too,
>many of which are there for the same reason- totalled by the insurance 
>company just because the owner wanted a brand-new original bumper or

Ok.. I may be able to get a '90 V8 for about $4000. It has got some
damage in the rear. The trunk lid, taillights and rear bumper are
damaged. It looks like something's corner hit the car in the rear. It
looks repairable. probably not so expensive either. All these parts
are easy to get used. They have also got a '93 V8 with front damage.
Hood it bent, 1 light broken. A dent in the fender. Bumper ok. Does
anyone know if the exterior parts on the '90 and '93 are the same?
I haven't looked under the hood of the '93 yet. The '90 starts and
runs fine. I will check if I can get one of these cars cheap and fix
it. Fortuneately, I know a very good V8 mechanic that will do the
mecanical work, if necessary.