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90 Ur-q for sale - Yorkshire

In case anybody is looking for a late model Ur-q, there was one advertised
by a dealer in the Yorkshire AutoTrader today, its a new one on me, I dont
recognise it. The ad is very brief, but its 1990, red. No mention if its 10
or 20v. As far as I can tell from the picture, the index number is G298 ???
(possibly CKW).
Its at Parkside Motors in Pontefract, 01977 604008 asking price is

It seems to be the time for people to sell their quattros, probably being
replaced by some 'S' reg euro boxes. There was an 87 Ur-q for sale last week
for 4450GBP, unfortunately I didn't hear of it until Saturday by which time
it had been sold and this week theres also a couple of 87 coupe q's too.

Jim Haseltine.