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Re: synth vs. the environment

> Umm, think about it.  There's still plants and microbes getting squished
> under the crust somewhere.  It's not like oil was getting made for the
> 200 million years and it's just stopped in the last couple decades (think
> about this too: the earth is still making diamonds).

Here's another THEORY: Maybe "fossil" fuel isn't from fossils. I read
somewhere that it may turn out to be goop leftover from the "Big Bang". It
just keeps bubbling up from somewhere deep in the earth.
---I just had to throw that in...but wouldn't that change the equation if it
were true? Are we absolutely certain all this crude comes from dead plants
and dinosaurs?

Anyway, I think I'm getting too deep into this. I just saw the opportunity
to break my silence. :o)

Scott Chaney
88 VW Quantum
87 Audi 5ks (STILL under construction)