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Upper intercooler hose cost?

To the list,

My son has been driving around for the past 2 weeks with a patched
(lot's of duct tape) upper intercooler hose. He finally got around to
calling the local Audi dealership to order the part and they quoted him
a price of $209. After my son picked himself up from the floor he had
the guy double check the price and also what part the guy was looking
up. The parts guy insists that the price quote is correct for that
particular hose. This hose, while it looks like a rather unique hose, is
still barely 8 inches long and is only made out of heavy rubber built
around a wire core. I can't see this thing costing that much. Is there
any place to get this at a much more reasonable price? Are there
equivalent hoses from other sources?

TIA for any info.


87 5ktqs -200,000 wheezing miles
96 A6Q - 85,000 miles and wondering what the repairs will cost on this