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Dogs and more good stuff

>>How do you keep the Audi's interior pristine?

You lease a Jeep for the wife. Then you haul all the dogs, dirt, camping
equipment, flowers, trees, bushes, sports gear, picnic supplies, lumber,
hardware, wheels, tires, transmissions, etc., etc., without harming one
grain of leather on the q-mobile.<<

So much for MAN'S best friend : )
Speaking of which.....
I was in the neighborhood of the dealership today and of course, Mike was with
me. I decided, as long as I was there, I may as well drop in and talk to them
about my car's acceleration or lack there of. So me and Mike march right into
the showroom, daring anyone to say Boo!. My "service specialist" immediately
offers to go for a test drive with me....Yippee! A captive audience. As we are
leaving the showroom, I ask him who is going to drive and after a second he
says that he'll drive. I say good because otherwise the dog was going to be in
his lap! He was grateful for the choice he made, after all he has an image to

Anyway, end of story, he says I'm just not putting enough pressure on that
pesky gas pedal. Can you imagine? I had no idea I was so dainty. I'm going to
work on that this week!

95A6q pearl, driving like all the other A6 slushboxes, supposedly!