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Getting the right part

I always find it best to quote PN#s when possible.  An example was when I had
to order a new upper radiator hose this week for the v8 -You know, the
vulcanized one with the larger tap off the radiator teeing off into two
smaller ones for to each cylinder head.  Dealer:  "I'll have to order
it...$189" ( I don't think so)

Local Import World, "No, don't have any, but I've got 140 lowers."  Jeesh,
they'll have those for a while.

Call up local Foreign Automotive.  "Do I have a Bosch PN#?  No, but I've got
the Audi one right off the hose..."  So they call the that other place and
find that they don't have 140 lower v8 rad hoses, but 140 uppers!  $75
including tax and made in Germany.   

Always be armed with as much info as possible.

BTW, it seems my serpentine Access. belt is starting to make some noise.  I
replaced it 50k ago when I did the timing belt.  Does that sound about right?
And $65-$70??

-Ingo Rautenberg
1990 v8q 202,000 miles
Detroit, MI