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RE: Petro Reserves: No Audi content....

Don't forget that this country has the largest resource of oil shell
rock....can be made to gasoline..

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I read with interest the comments re - petroleum reserves.  I stoof
next to another parent at a soccer game this summer and heard
him opine that oil would never run out, there was plenty for
everyone forever.


Let's think about what proudence dictates.  It simply dictates that
when there is a chance we may run out of something - not a
certainty, which I believe is actually the eventual case, but let's call
it a good chance - then we should minimize use and look for
alternatives.  But we're not doing it and won't do it.

Political realities in the US make it practically impossible to
significantly reduce oil use through governmental policies.
Unfortunately, it has also been very difficult to fund sufficient
research into good power source alternatives.

I for one believe:

1)  We damn sure need a national passenger railroad system, but
we're not gonna get one the way we're headed.  But trains sure use
less fuel per passenger than cars or planes.
2)  Oil is not a renewable resource in any practical sense, so we
should minimize its use.  Some may believe that more oil is being
produced by natural processes as we speak, but I'm not willing to
bet the human species on it.
3)  Regardles of #2 above, as long as it's legal to burn gas and I'm
paying for it, I should be able to drive any gas hog I elect to drive.
That's simply operating within the law.  Don't want me to drive a 10
mpg truck?  Raise gas prices.  That gives me an incentive.
4)  The only incentive that will produce much good research into
alternative fuels in the US would be an additional gas tax of at least
$1 per gallon, which is political suicide to discuss.
5)  Electric cars are no solution.  They are nothing more than a
sleight-of-hand trick, as they are actually fueled by coal, oil or
nuclear powerplants; electricity is generated by those sources.
The best case is hydroelectric power, which does nothing moer
than eliminate salmon runs.

Therefore, I see no good alternatives or solutions until oil runs
extremely short, at which point I forecast a world war as those who
haef run short go after the remaining supplies.  I suspect that war
will be won by the country holding the remaining supplies, as
machines are more effective when they have fuel.

My best hope is that the research which IS being funded in various
countries will turn out some good alternatives.  Not that much to
count on, but science continues to amaze all of us and is our best
Al Powell
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