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RE: Hydrolic Pump Seals

Where, can you find silk threads?...

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Subject: Hydrolic Pump Seals

>I changed the 6 o-rings around the perimeter of my pump but it still
>leaks. Is it possible to change the main shaft seal?


    I went through this with the red tag pump off my '86 5ktq. The pump was
leaking at the joint between the pump body and the rear accumulator. I
pulled it apart and replaced the o-rings. It still leaked, but not as much.
I pulled it apart again and ran a bead of RTV silicone around the outer edge
of the body. This stopped the leak for about 2 weeks but then it started
seeping again. I was about to pull it apart again and use an old aircraft
mechanics trick for sealing crankcase leaks - run a silk thread around the
joint and bolt it up. I even got some silk thread, but the car was totalled
before I tried it out. The green tag pump on my '91 200q has never leaked,
for which I am profoundly thankful.
    I think there is another o-ring inside which can be changed - it does
not come with the rebuild kit and has to be ordered separately.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  257k km