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Re: New Addition to Family Needs Lister Help

> >The seller, who has been involved with quattros for many years, insisted
> >that the central hydarulic system on this car uses ATF, not mineral oil,
> >and insists it's so for every ur-Q he's seen.

> RTFM.  The manual might say what should go in.  Either that or it says on
> the bottle.  Both my 200 and the 5k had a bright green ring-shaped sticker
> that specifies _exactly_ what should go in the fluid resevoir("ACHTUNG!"
> "USE ONLY MINERAL OIL.  DO NOT USE ATF!")  In fact, all the containers have
> little sticker-rings around the openings that have German on

My 82 UrQ took ATF.  I don't remember if there was any kind of sticker
on the resevoir.  Certainly no green warning label!