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New Addition to Family Needs Lister Help

In message <> Daniel Jones writes:

> I can't believe that this thread has lasted as long as it has,  If you
> check the factory (bently) manuel on page 48.24 it specifically states to
> top off the hyd. system with ATF Dextron. this applies to all ur-q's ...


PLEASE remember that this is an international list, even if it is based
in the USA, and many readers have something other than English as their
first language.

Type 85s post October 1987 use _MINERAL_ _OIL_.  This includes the MB
and RR engined ur-quattros, and also a limited series of Wx engined
cars shipped to Switzerland.

Bentley does not apply to "all ur-quattros".  Where does Bentley mention
the Torsen differential or the 20v engine?

 Phil Payne
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