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My mechanic (rave)

>> In a message dated 98-08-15 13:03:31 EDT, you write:

>> Thats why independants that provide good service are frequently
>> best for the used car owner, since there is only one point to focus
>> on. Your car.

They all too often only seem able to focus on my wallet, not my car.

I stopped using one local independent because something unrelated
would _always_ go wrong between one and three weeks after a visit.
One time, I decided to check - and found tool scratches where they'd
had no reason to touch anything.

I stopped using the local Audi dealerships when they all failed to
diagnose my failing turbo and charged me $1800 for their failure.

Now, I only use BR Motorsport.  But since I had an issue with a lot
of poorly tightened fasteners after a clutch job and my waterpump
failed in a remarkably decrepit state after only 9500 miles, I stay
with the car.

Why stay with BRM after the problems?  Because it's the only shop
that _lets_ me stay with the car, and I know that at least two of the
mechanics would never let the above problems occur - so I ask for them
by name.

And, of course - where possible, I do it myself.

 Phil Payne
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 01536 723021
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