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Re: Door lock

In Digest # 2633, Shayne Pavlic wrote, in response to a post
from Benjamin Kwan:

>> The little metal piece on my 90 100 door lock cylinder broke again.
>>know that this issue has been talked about many times on this list,
>>has anybody broken the new updated part that Audi put out.
>>85 4000S
>>90 100
>>94 90S

>I know that there is an update part, however I don't know what the part
>number is.  If it is the same part that broke in my Q then it should
>you a whopping .71 cents.

I just replaced this part, so I have the part number handy.  Bentley
calls the part "Operating Lever With Bushing" but VAG calls it
Bentley's description is more apt, IMO.  Anyway, the part number
I bought was 893 837 287 D; it was $9.38 (I'd have preferred 71 cents!).

What the parts guy failed to tell me, until I called him back, was that
the "Carrier" wouldn't fit the lock cylinder in my '90 90Q.  I was
to also buy a new lock cylinder for $18 and have it recoded.  So I went
to a local salvage yard, got the proper old-style part, and put that in.
The "Carrier" went back to VAG for a refund.

Anyone know what the heat sink-like fins on the upper part of that
lever or carrier are for?

Taking the door panel off gave me a good opportunity to see that
mounting some speakers in the front doors is not going to be trivial.

-Dan Hall