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Re: Is Twin turbo S6 coming to U.S.A.?

At 6:31 +0300 8/17/98, Jouko Haapanen wrote:
>The new S6 will have a 340hp 4.2L V8.  A turbo variation of that engine may
>be in the cards for the future.  There will be A6's with 2.7L biturbo as
>well as 3.7L and 4.2L V8's, just to confuse the issue some more.
>The new S6 will not be the first NA S car, as the (C4) S6 4.2 and the S8
>have got that covered.  Oh yeah, don't forget the sweet S6plus...

Aaah, but what can we get here in the USA? You can't get an A6 in the US
with a manual transmission. Forget the S6, it's not imported. It is very
expensive to certify a model for american emissions and safety
requirements, plus our market wants automatic tarnsimssion equipped freeway