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Re: Old sheet metal on newer coupes was Re: Hood 83 Ur-Q?

> I've been hitting the u-pull yards looking for a front core support for the
> coupe.  The ones from the earlier cars look like they will fit, but there
> are less or smaller cut-outs in the lower sheet metal.  Did they increase
> the size of these openings to increase airflow into the engine compartments
> or to reduce weight (both?) or some other purpose?
> I'm looking for any BTDT to address the negative aspects of using the older
> sheet metal on the newer cars.  e.g. "you will never get the alternator
> bolts out with the older style sheet metal"  or similar remarks based on
> experience.

Ha ha.  I have the older style sheet metal, I guess (82 Coupe) and the
alternator is a real PITA to tension.  Easier with the bumper off.  But
the bolts still come out.

Huw Powell


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