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MH 98: RE: 1999 Monterey Races to Honor Auto Union

I'll chime in a "thanks" for everyone involved in the quattro motorcade this
weekend.  Had a great time meeting some people and a really nice first time
visit to the Historics (sans parking).

As Tiff and I had to break away from the group meeting (aka gush over the
Sport) at the Audi tent, I did happen to drag her through the Paddock area
on the way out.

I'm hoping everyone had a chance to visit the Porsche 50th Anniv. Tent
inside the special exhibit area.  I wished I had known about it earlier.
Incredible display of historic cars from a Rome-Berlin car up to this years
Le Mans GT1 911 winner.  The Paris-Dakar 911 was amazing as were the line-up
of original through present Formula (& Indy) cars.  I could have spent the
entire day in that tent, but because of time limitations spent maybe 15

If Audi AG/USA spent any time in that tent they'll know what to shoot for
and we should not be disappointed.

I was more than a little perplexed why this tent was not available to the
"General Public" and only to "Paddock" ticket holders...up until that point
I was ticked that I spent the extra $20~ for that "special priviledge."
This really should have been something for everyone to see...

Derek Daily
90 CQ
86 VW qsw

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	I hear that plans are already under way for next year ... one of the
	they are trying to do is to get as many Audi "S" cars as they can.
The only
	thing I don't know is who is the master organizer ... I know that
	involved.  I would expect that they will bring the Avus quattro, and
	also expect to see the Trans Am and IMSA GTO cars ... perhaps some
	quattros (I hope, I hope!)  I heard that next year at the Monterey
	is when the new S6 will be available to the public in the USA for
the first
	time ...