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Re: Old sheet metal on newer coupes was Re: Hood 83 Ur-Q?


I was talking about the '87 coupe GT, not the urq.  The early 4ks (like
'80, '81 or so) that are in the yards have different looking sheet metal up
front.  It is most obvious in the lower grill area (lower apron).  The
later cars have big holes in the sheet metal.

However, your book probably confirms that the later style is all that is
available and should be used if one were to fix an early coupe.

Thanks for the information.  I'll probably head out to the u-pull this
weekend and grab one of the many coupe core supports...

At 05:52 PM 8/17/98 -0400, you wrote:
>I looked it up on my interchange computer and it tells me ur-q only. Right
>I am looking at a Mitchell crash guide and it tells me that the vertical
>components are the same. However, The upper support that holds the hood latch
>is all together different. Looking at the diagram (and part #'s) The lower
>apron is completely a different item. Probably because of the different
>and fitting the intercooler.
>Here is the thing, the ur-q fenders are obviously different. The bumper...no
>chance. The hood though, is identical, same part # and everything (811 823
>029). I would venture to say a skilled person could weld the CGT core support
>to an ur-q, but why? You would be up the river when you wanted to install
>intercooler, much less an alternator. Furthermore, a complete core support
>(lower apron, upper & lower crossmembers, and vertical components
delivered in
>pieces) lists at $844 new. A cut from a used car would be harder to fit and
>next to impossible to find. BTW- that list price is from 6/97. It may have
>fluctuated by now.
>Now that I have gone and said all that, I reread your post and it is
unclear to
>me whether you are talking about using CGT parts on your ur-q, or using 80-84
>CGT parts on an 85-87 CGT. In the latter case, I cross referenced all part
>involved, and the two cars have identical core supports. The difference
>the front ends are all on the outside (fenders, lamps, and grille). But it
>appears that with the same inner structure, they would fit each other. I hope
>this answers your question.
>John Karasaki wrote:
>> Harrison,
>> I've been hitting the u-pull yards looking for a front core support for the
>> coupe.  The ones from the earlier cars look like they will fit, but there
>> are less or smaller cut-outs in the lower sheet metal.  Did they increase
>> the size of these openings to increase airflow into the engine compartments
>> or to reduce weight (both?) or some other purpose?
>> I'm looking for any BTDT to address the negative aspects of using the older
>> sheet metal on the newer cars.  e.g. "you will never get the alternator
>> bolts out with the older style sheet metal"  or similar remarks based on
>> experience.
>> TIA.
>> Best Regards,
>> John Karasaki
>> Portland, OR
Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR