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Re: New Addition to Family Needs Lister Help

	Yes all of the power steering reservoirs have some form of a filter in
them,  on a 4kq you have to unscrew the large top on the reservoir and
there is a doughnut shaped filter inside,  the type 44 chassis cars have a
similar arrangement,  where as 80/90 or 92-98 large chassis cars have a
tubular filter that fits in through the top similar to what is in the brake
fluid reservoir.  At the dealer any time I do a major service or have to
top up the goo 2000 I check and clean this filter,  usually you will find
it coated in a fine black silt, (don't know what it is),  if I know Audi's
it's probably little pieces of seal and o-ring that will eventually leak!!

Daniel Jones 86 4kcsq  "My very own panzer tank"

>>	I can't believe that this thread has lasted as long as it has,  If you
>>check the factory (bently) manuel on page 48.24 it specifically states to
>>top off the hyd. system with ATF Dextron. this applies to all ur-q's and
>>4000 series cars.  I highly recomend cleaning the filter in the base of the
>>reservoir before filling with fluid,  it's amazing how much s@#t gets
>>caught in this filter and you dont really want to either feed this to the
>>system or resrict supply flow to the pump.
>Is a similar filter in the newer(mineral oil only) cars?  Just curious.
>There's a screen at the top(which I despise right now, it's impossible to
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