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RE: Laguna Seca Historics and Pebble Beach

Ned Ritchie writes:

> Audi's PR dept in Germany is planning a showing Fall of 1999 in some
> California event.  I thought they said Pebble Beach but my mind is growing
> older.  Will have the hill climb car, a TT, and ???
... well, August isn't quite Fall, but given the announcement that Auto
Union will be the featured marque for the 1999 Historic Races it seems to
make sense to me.  As I said before the rumor I heard from Ken DeHoff was
that the S6 will first be shown in the USA at that time.  

The one thing that just came to mind ... will Audi be promoting its new
acquisitions as well?  Will we be competing for corral space with the
Lamborghini clubs?  :)

Someone was promoting some sort of German marque competition next year ...
personally, I wouldn't expect Audi owners to be able to put up nearly the
show in the parking lot that BMW can ... they've got a lot more cars and
more owner clubs that have a much better organization.  Does that mean that
we will be shamed by them?  I don't think so!  The BMW group probably outdid
Lotus when they were featured too ... but who noticed?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

Hey, anyone know where I can get my hands on an AU1000SP?  :)

OBTW - the Laguna Seca website states that tickets for next year's event
won't be available until 1/4/99