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Re: License Plates

A while back the paper had a feature about the section at the DMV that
approves status plate applications.  Apparently some sneaky people were
slipping some obscene things through, so these civil servants would read
the applications backwards, forwards, and upside down to keep the creative
from offending the public.  They also had a library of foreign language
dictionaries at their disposal.

Don't know if your state is as concerned - or as paranoid - as Georgia, but
if it is, I don't think the QQQQ would be approved - say it out loud: "four

My suggestions-

FORANGS (redneck-speak for four rings)
NOBMWNV (nope, no bmw envy here either)
HAUDI (old but I still like it)
INNIE (get it? Innie on an... oh well...)
QSRFUN (well some people aren't aware that q's are fun)

-Steve "I need more than 6 letters" Jensen
'87 5KCSTQ (w/boring plate)
'88 5KCSTQ (organ donor)

At 03:23 PM 8/16/98 -0400, you wrote:
>You're welcome to use Q SHIP if you like.  I kinda stole - no make that got
>the idea from - Scott Justuson.
>Others?  How about one of these for starters?
>91 200TQ
>How many letters are permissible?
>At 01:09 PM 8/16/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>With the purchase of my new 200 comes the task of getting new plates. I
>>think I may opt for the personalized plates and was hoping to get some
>>suggestions. The car is a 1991 200 Q, and I am leaning towards using the
>>Q somehow in the plate. My brainstorming so far:
>>GET A Q (like get a clue)
>>D0000H (has the 4rings, and expresses my liking of Homer)
>>Q SHIP (not original I know, but still cool)
>>Q   (simple)
>>If I had 2 Qs, I think I would tag one UNFAIR and the other ADVNTG.
>>Send me your creative suggestions.
>   Bob
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