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Re: Are universal oxygen sensors just as good?

>     I have a 1989 100Q (CA emissions).  I need to replace the oxygen
>     sensor.  (Or so the flashing light tells me).  Has anyone had
>     success/failure with a universal OXS.  They are significantly cheaper
>     and you can get one from Bosch.  I guess the "trick" is splicing in
>     the old connector.

I replaced my 200q20v's sensor with a standard Bosch unit, one actually
with a Nissan connector.  $60-ish vs. $130 or more for the official Audi

Oxygen sensors are _all_ the same.  They all have the same thread, the same
wrench size, etc.

I chopped off the connector and spliced it to the one on the car; the two
white wires are for the heater, the black wire is the sensor connection.

The Bosch unit was _identical_ to the one I bought.  The same stamps and

Almost all cars use Bosch sensors, hence the cheap price.


Brett Dikeman
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