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Re: Hard starting v8 -easy fix

Ingo Rautenberg wrote:
>For about a year now I've had a problem (usually with warm starts), where
>had to nurse the gas pedal to keep the motor from stalling after start-up.
>least once a day, but not too bad.  I just learned to live with it.  The
>engine speed sensor was most likely the problem, I was told.
>Just over a week ago I was checking my coolant leak, which turned out to be
>the upper radator hose, and consequently brushed up against the ISV connector
>and noticed a slight increase in rpm.  Hmmm...removed connector and engine
>died.  Left off connector and engine would start but not idle as smoothly as
>when I had temporarily bumped up against the ISV.  So I cleaned the connector
>pins and reattached the connector.  
>Over one week without a hard start/stall problem!  Guess the v8 was running
>pretty good without the ISV operating, or operating intermittantly.  It seems
>my fuel mileage has been somewhat better also. 

Hi Ingo,

I have a similar problem with my car. In my case, it happens with cold
starts. Where is the ISV so I can try your fix?


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