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One dead Audi. Any clues?

In message <l03020900b1ff77ed4248@[]> Tom Nas writes:

> This morning I needed the car because I had an appointment after work, and
> it wouldn't start. The lights on the dash just flickered, the rev counter
> moved to 3k RPM, but the interior lights were still glowing brightly. There
> was however a loudish groaning noise coming from the passenger side rear
> wheel (opposite from the fuel pump). The central locking still works, but
> very slowly.

Dead battery.

It's just a fact of life - an old battery will be destroyed if it's
left uncharged for more than a day or two.  It will happily survive
complete discharging _IF_ it is recharged immediately.  But leave it
in the discharged state - BANG!

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