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Power Window Regulator Questions

Rod at The Parts Connections tells me that there is an Audi part numbered
Bosch window regulator that uses the same worm gear drive as used in the newer
model cars. According to Rod, Audi has made these available for retrofit in
older cars because they wanted to eliminate the problems which cables binding,
fraying, etc. once and for all in the older cars. For the type 44 there are
supposedly no modifications required to install these. (Rod did indicate that
on the 4k, CGT, and ur-Q some modifications may be required.) Could this be
true? Audi actualy wanting to improve things on the older cars?

Our q-list discount price on these is $125.00 each. If that truely ends having
to replace these infernal things once and for all I think it may well be a
great way to go.

Does anyone have experience with these yet? How are they holding up in the
newer cars? (100 and A6 owners feel free to chime in on this) TIA

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq (with both front windows making that fraying cable, about to die,