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re: Looking for Audi Tool "US 30844"

>Date: Tue, 18 Aug 1998 14:12:44 -0700
>From: "Buchholz, Steven" <Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com>
>Subject: Looking for Audi Tool "US 30844"
>Well, I went and did it ... I was monkeying with the function buttons on the
>V8Q's phone and locked it!  While I do have the code for the radio, the PO
>did not give me the codes for the phone, so I merely hastened the inevitable
>I see that there is a "tool" that plugs into the wiring harness for the
>phone (US 30844) ... I thought I'd poll the list to see if anyone knew where
>I could find one to borrow for a few hours.  If you know from whence one may
>be obtained, I'd sure appreciate hearing back!
>Steve Buchholz
>San Jose, CA (USA)

If you intend to take the car to a cellular phone company to have the phone
activated, it shouldn't be a problem. My experience (twice) was that the
technician had the "tool" needed and he will be able to access all required
codes. You will probably need to have the key to unlock the transceiver so
that the tool can be inserted.

I have a spare key that I can lend you, if needed. Let me know.


Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
'89 100 (For Sale, 111K, automatic)
'91 200q				mailto:pjrose@servtech.com